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Legends League Cricket 2023: A journey of legendary players in T20 Cricket.

লিজেন্ডস লীগ ক্রিকেট ২০২৩ টি টোয়েন্টি ক্রিকেটে কিংবদন্তি ক্রিকেটারদের যাত্রা

Get ready for the Legends League Cricket(LLC) 2023 ! It’s a unique global league where legendary players are making a comeback to T20 Cricket and LLC 2023 squad. This league isn’t just about exhibition matches; it’s a competitive showdown.

The Legends League Cricket fixtures T20 matches held in a top International Cricket of retired cricketers stars destination, offering thrilling cricket action. This biannual league starts off with a Tri-series format in its first season. It’ll witness the Indian team, an Asian Team, and a Rest of the World Team competing against each other. This unique setup means six engaging league matches before the final showdown.

The event kicks off in early March 2022, and it’s a biannual celebration that will see top retired players from cricketing nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, and more taking the field again.

Here are the reasons why legendary players too excited to Legends League Cricket 2023.

Legends League Cricket 2023 Team list :

Legends League Cricket 2023 Team list
LLC 2023 Squad C

Here is the LLC 2023 Squad (Captains):

A journey of legendary players in t20 cricket of Legends League Cricket 2023 brings together renowned cricketing stars from diverse regions, forming captivating squads that promise exceptional cricketing action. Let’s delve into the captivating leadership of these teams, each helmed by cricketing legends, poised to elevate the thrill of the competition.


Bhilwara Kings – Irfan Pathan (c):

A dynamic leader, Irfan Pathan takes the helm for the Bhilwara Kings, bringing his extensive experience and on-field expertise to drive the team’s performance.

With a strategic mindset and commendable skills, he aims to steer the squad towards victory in the Legends League Cricket.

Gujarat Giants – Parthiv Patel (c):

Parthiv Patel leads the Gujarat Giants with his tactical acumen and unwavering spirit. His vast knowledge and competitive edge promise an exhilarating performance from the team, setting the stage for an enthralling display of cricketing prowess.

India Capitals – Gautam Gambhir (c):

An astute leader, Gautam Gambhir commands the India Capitals, embodying his steadfast dedication and exceptional cricketing intelligence. His vision and strategic insights are geared towards guiding the team to triumph in the Legends League Cricket.

Manipal Tigers – Harbhajan Singh (c):

The Manipal Tigers rally under the captaincy of Harbhajan Singh, a stalwart known for his shrewd approach and unwavering determination. With his wealth of experience, he aims to lead the Tigers to a triumphant run in the tournament.

Southern Superstars – Aaron Finch (c):

Aaron Finch takes charge of the Southern Superstars, infusing the team with his exceptional leadership skills and aggressive playing style. His tenacity and competitive spirit set the tone for the team’s compelling performance in the Legends League Cricket.

Urbanrisers Hyderabad – Suresh Raina (c):

Suresh Raina leads Urbanrisers Hyderabad, bringing his finesse and versatility to steer the team towards success. His resilience and adaptability promise an electrifying journey in the Legends League Cricket.


These exceptional cricketers spearhead their respective teams, promising a blend of strategic brilliance, competitive zeal, and remarkable cricketing talent in the Legends League Cricket 2023.

The LLC Masters 2023 Winners of Asia Lions, led by Shahid Afridi. 

The LLC Masters 2023 Winners of Asia Lions led by Shahid Afridi
LLC Masters 2023 Winners of Asia Lions

Asia Lions is the winners of LLC 2023 under the leadership of Shahid Afridi, clinched the Legends League Cricket Masters 2023 title in a thrilling face-off against World Giants, securing a seven-wicket win at the West End Park International Cricket Stadium in Doha.

Legends League Cricket 2023 points table:

Here is the LLC 2023 points table:

Positions Teams Match No. Win Lost Points No Result
1 World Giants 4 3 1 6 0
2 Asia Lions 4 2 2 4 0
3 India Maharajas 4 1 3 2 0

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Legends League Cricket partners with Indian Railways for Vande Bharat Express

Legends League Cricket partners with Indian Railways for Vande Bharat Express
Legends League Cricket partners with Indian Railways

Legends League Cricket (LLC), an esteemed T20 tournament showcasing retired cricket stars, has solidified a strategic alliance with Indian Railways, marking a significant partnership in preparation for the forthcoming season.

Indian Railways, a government-owned entity under the Ministry of Railways, operates India’s national railway system, constituting one of the world’s largest railway networks. With a route length surpassing 68,000 km and an extensive operational and track length, Indian Railways stands as a crucial contributor to the country’s transportation system.

In an exciting league development, LLC recently introduced two new teams, Urbanrisers Hyderabad and Southern Super Stars, each contributing $15 million for their entry. These additions will intensify the competition among the over 200 players set to showcase their skills across diverse match locations such as Ranchi, Jammu, Dehradun, Visakhapatnam, and Surat.

The last season witnessed India Capitals emerge victorious, triumphing over Bhilwara Kings in the final at Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Stadium with a commanding 104-run win. The eagerly anticipated upcoming LLC season is scheduled to kick off on November 18 and will culminate on December 9, promising an enthralling display of cricketing finesse.

This collaboration signifies a remarkable move for Legends League Cricket, expanding its reach and offering a competitive, action-packed season set to enthral fans across the world.


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