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Top three umpires in international Cricket at the moment

Top three umpires in international Cricket at the moment

Umpires have been a central part of Cricket since the game’s inception. Before introducing the Decision Review System (DRS), the on-field Umpire’s call was final. A TV umpire may be referred to only when there is a reasonable doubt. While the DRS has somewhat affected the status of umpires in the game, one can only argue that technology has made the procedure much more error-free.

Despite the latest technologies in use, Umpires remain central to the game. This is because the human factor in officiating cricket matches remains as much an element of the game as it was earlier. As such, here are the five best umpires in international Cricket.

3. Nitin Menon

Top three umpires in international Cricket at the moment

We kickstart this list with arguably the most active Indian Umpire. Nitin Menon, who replaced Nigel Llong in the Elite Panel of Umpires of the Apex governing body for Cricket, is the only Indian on the Panel. Menon is known for his judgment accuracy and has been a consistent figure, having officiated 16 Tests, 39 ODIs, 40 T20Is and ten women’s T20Is. In addition, he has essential games in the Women’s 20-20 World Cup and even the final of the 2019 Indian T20 League.

His father, Narendra Menon, was also an umpire. Nitin Menon was a right-handed batter who represented Madhya Pradesh in List A matches before shifting to an umpiring career.

2. Marais Erasmus

Top three umpires in international Cricket at the moment

On number two, we have the winner of the Umpire of the year for 2021, Marais Erasmus. Erasmus is among the most experienced umpires, with over a hundred ODIs. He has officiated 75 tests and is quickly approaching his half-century in T20Is with 43 under his belt. Erasmus has previously won the David Shephard Trophy consecutively for the Umpire of the year in 2016 and 2017.

Before switching to an umpiring career, Erasmus played first-class matches in South Africa. He played primarily as a medium-pacer but was handy with the willow, with the highest score of 103, making him a true all-rounder. 

1. Richard Illingworth

Top three umpires in international Cricket at the moment

The winner of the David Shephard Trophy for the Umpire of the year in 2022, Richard Illingworth is undoubtedly the best Umpire at the moment in International Cricket. Known for his immaculate decision-making, Illingworth boasts 62 Tests, 77 ODIs and 27 T20Is in the men’s game. He has also officiated across all formats in the women’s game.

Before switching to an umpiring career, Illingworth was an active cricketer in England’s domestic circuit. He has also featured in nine Tests and 25 ODIs for the national side, participating in the 1992 and 1996 World Cups.

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