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Three most successful coaches in Cricket history

Three most successful coaches in Cricket history

For a team’s success, a bunch of talented eleven individuals is essential to succeed either in a world-class tournament or to dominate the cricketing World for a particular period. A good, skilful captain is also required to lead that talented playing XI in the right direction to become a victorious team.

But apart from all this, there’s an individual without whom; the success of any team can’t be imagined. So yes, the coach mentors and maintains the group as a unit to build and dominate the cricketing field with a positive mindset and aggressive approach to controlled aggression.

There had been coaches in the recent history of cricket who guided the teams from a shattered group to the World Champions and success in either term.

With that said, here we’ll look at the three most successful cricket coaches who set milestones in the field of coaching with their excellent results as a coach of renowned national teams.

3. Trevor Bayliss

‘Absolute ecstasy for England, agony, agony for New Zealand,’ who can forget this historical line in the voice of famous commentator Ian Smith when England clinched a thrilling win in the final of the ODI World Cup 2019? The three lions defeated New Zealand to win their first-ever title in the history of the ODI World Cup.

The people hailed then-skipper Eoin Morgan, and a few lavished praise on the hero of the final, Ben Stokes. But Trevor Bayliss, the England coach in that tournament, was the real craftsman of this historic achievement of England in the marquee international tournament in their backyard.

Apart from being the World Cup champion coach, Bayliss also guided the Indian T20 League franchise to two titles in the 2012 and 2014 editions of the tournament. Bayliss was also a critical factor in Sydney Sixers’ title win In the Big Bash League 2011-12.

2. Gary Kirsten

The former South African southpaw started his career in the line of coaching with his first role as a batting coach (consultant) almost 17 years back in 2006. Later, he decided to start his academy a year later, in 2007. Furthermore, at the end of 2007, the Indian Cricket Board happened to sign Gary as the head coach of Team India.

During his coaching stint, the 55-year-old produced outstanding and unbelievable results with Team India. It all started when the MS Dhoni-led Indian team became the World’s number-one Test team for the first time in 2009. This success was followed by the historic World CThe historic World Cup win followed the success of Gary Kirsten. Notably, it was also the last ODI World Cup of the former legendary Indian batter Sachin Tendulkar.

1. John Buchanan

The Queensland-born batter John Buchanan never played an international game for Australia. Still, he has some coaching record which can only be a dream for any individual in this profession. Buchanan started his career way back in 1994. He first coached Queensland Bulls in the Sheffield Shield trophy and led the team to a title win in the Sheffield Shield season of 1994-95.

It was the success from which John never looked back and kept helping teams reach their peak in cricket. After coaching the First-Class teams for almost five years, Buchanan moved to the senior mmen’sAustralian team coaching, where he won the 2007 World Cup as a coach alongside making Australia the World Champions in Test cricket.

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