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If Shakib wants, let him perform the duties of BPL from next year: BCB

সাকিব চাইলে আগামী বছর থেকেই বিপিএলের দায়িত্ব পালন করুক বিসিবি

There is no more passion in BPL. Losing popularity day by day is turning into a state of indolence. Recently, Shakib Al Hasan criticized the poor state of BPL. And Shakib’s criticism is good for BPL, commented BPL Governing Body Member Secretary Ismail Haider Mallick. And from next year, Shakib can perform the duties of CEO if he wants, this board leader also commented.

The chairman of the governing body of the tournament Sheikh Sohail, member secretary Ismail and chief executive Nizam Uddin came to a press conference of the sponsors after the first match of BPL. Responding to the question whether there is a deficiency in the BPL campaign, Ismail said, “For the last few days, there has been a lot of news about BPL in the media. There is so much noise around the matter after Shakib’s comment. If Shakib had not made this comment today, then there would not have been so much campaigning about BPL. Whatever the positives and negatives, the discussion about BPL, people’s curiosity is increasing is a good thing.”

Agreeing with Shakib, Ismail said, “We often talk to Shakib about BPL. Before coming to the press conference, we also talked to Mashrafe about BPL. We are all like one family. Everyone’s opinion will not be the same, it is normal to have different opinions.” Shakib is our man. We also want change for the good of cricket in the country. But the question is what is our economic structure.?

Premier Division League is better than BPL, Ismail said in response to Shakib’s comments, “Anyone can say anything. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. But if you look, you will see that Shakib does not play very well in the Premier Division. But till date, BPL has not given a miss. We can also question him. It is not really a debate. Shakib is our man. But yes Bangladesh Cricket Board also has many limitations. 

Shakib can fix everything in one month if he becomes the chief executive of BPL. In response to Shakib’s comments, the board official said, “Shakib has expressed his hope of becoming the CEO of the board, and if he comes, thank you. If Shakib wants to fulfill the duties of CEO from next year, we will welcome him from the board.” The board is not thinking of taking action. BCB has informed that it is not the right time to take action against Shakib.

In the current season of BPL, Shakib’s team is Fortune Barisal. Despite losing the final in the last tournament, it was one of the strongest teams in the BPL. Their performance throughout the tournament was eye-catching. Although relatively weak this time, the main strength of the team is Shakib Al Hasan.

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