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The History of Cricket In Bangladesh : A journey of National Team Struggle

The History of Cricket In Bangladesh A journey of National Team Struggle


The history of Bangladesh cricket is a fascinating journey that spans several decades. Here is an overview of key milestones and developments in the history of Bangladesh cricket:


Bangladesh National Cricket Team: The Bangladesh national cricket team has made significant progress since gaining Test status in 2000. They have become more competitive in all formats of the game, particularly in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 Internationals (T20Is).

The History of Cricket In Bangladesh A journey of National Team Struggle
Bangladesh Cricket Board


Formation of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB): The Bangladesh Cricket Board was formed in 1972, marking the official beginning of cricket administration in the country.

Associate Membership: Bangladesh gained associate membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1977.

Debut in International Cricket: Bangladesh played its first One Day International (ODI) match on March 31, 1986, against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. However, they had to wait until 1999 to achieve Test status.

Test Status: Bangladesh was granted Test status by the ICC in 2000, becoming the 10th Test-playing nation. Their debut Test match was against India in November 2000.

Early Struggles: In the initial years, Bangladesh struggled to compete at the Test level, facing heavy defeats. However, they showed glimpses of promise in ODIs, recording their first-ever ODI win against Kenya in 1998.

2003 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh made a significant impact in the 2003 Cricket World Cup by defeating Pakistan and advancing to the Super Six stage. This marked a turning point in their ODI performance.

2007 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh had a memorable World Cup in 2007, reaching the Super Eight stage and defeating top teams like India and South Africa.

The History of Cricket In Bangladesh A journey of National Team Struggle
Shakib Al Hasan


Shakib Al Hasan’s Emergence: Shakib Al Hasan emerged as a world-class all-rounder, making significant contributions with both bat and ball. He became a crucial player for Bangladesh in all formats of the game.

2015 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh reached the quarterfinals of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, where they were eliminated by India. This showcased their continued improvement in the ODI format.

Historic Test Victories: Bangladesh secured historic Test victories against teams like England, Australia, and Sri Lanka in the 2010s, establishing themselves as a competitive Test side.

Rise in T20Is: Bangladesh improved their performance in T20 Internationals, with notable successes in bilateral series and ICC events.

The History of Cricket In Bangladesh A journey of National Team Struggle
BPL Bangladesh Premier League


Bangladesh Premier League (BPL): The Bangladesh Premier League, a professional T20 league, was launched in 2012, providing a platform for local and international players to showcase their talent.

Hosting International Tournaments: Bangladesh has hosted various international tournaments, including the ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, and Asia Cup.

Continued Growth and Challenges: Bangladesh continues to make strides in international cricket, facing challenges but also producing talented players who contribute to the global cricketing landscape. While Bangladesh cricket has seen substantial growth, there have been challenges, including consistency in performance, especially in Test cricket, and the need for a more robust domestic structure.

The history of Bangladesh cricket is a story of perseverance, growth, and the gradual establishment of the country as a competitive force in international cricket.


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