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‘That will definitely attract the community’ – Venu Pisike reflects on upcoming T20 World Cup, LA Olympics

USA Cricket chairman Venu Pisike ( SOURCE : X / TWITTER )

The T20 World Cup 2024 is looming right on the horizon, and the tournament is expected to do wonders for its growth in the USA. The marquee event will kick off from June 1 and will be co-hosted by the West Indies and the USA. Interestingly, the high-octane clash between India and Pakistan will take place in New York.

After the tournament, it will eventually be the lure of the LA 2028 Olympics that will attract the local Americans to the game of cricket and will help in the development of the sport in the country, according to USA Cricket chairman Venu Pisike.

The country will be making its debut in the T20 World Cup when they take on Canada in the tournament opener on June 1. Former New Zealand cricketer Corey Anderson will be leading the USA in the tournament, with the team consisting of semi-professional cricketers of South Asian heritage.

Ahead of the tournament, USA Cricket chairman Venu Pisike came forward to talk about how the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics would attract American viewers. 

“So far, cricket is predominantly an expats’ game, but with the marketing and promotion activities during the World Cup, there is some momentum and the World Cup will definitely boost the opportunities to expand the game in the USA,” Pisike was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times. 

“Definitely, the World Cup is bringing a lot of awareness and then the opportunity for cricket to be in the Olympics, that will definitely attract the community because the US is a huge sports country,” he added.

It will become a wonder of cricketing infrastructure: Pisike

Furthermore, Pisike reflected on the new stadium being built in New York, where the clash between India and Pakistan will take place. The Men in Blue will play Ireland and the USA in the 34,000-capacity makeshift stadium in Eisenhower Park, with the drop-in pitches being brought in from Australia. 

“So, the new stadium that is being built in New York will be unveiled in a week’s time. It will become a wonder of cricketing infrastructure to put up in a very short time,” Pisike said.

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