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Adam Gilchrist reacts to MS Dhoni sporting old friend’s shop sticker on his bat

Adam Gilchrist reacts to MS Dhoni sporting old friend's shop sticker on his bat

The countdown to IPL 2024 is on, and the anticipation is already reaching a fever pitch. The cricketing universe is abuzz with excitement, and it’s not just because of the impending clash of titans on the field but also due to a heartfelt gesture from none other than the iconic MS Dhoni.

Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings’ stalwart, has kickstarted his preparations for the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League, and it’s safe to say the internet is loving every moment of it. The sight of Captain Cool in his trademark yellow jersey, vintage long locks swaying, and the distinct thud of leather meeting willow – it’s the stuff dreams are made of for the ‘Yellove’ army.

However, what truly caught everyone’s attention this time wasn’t Dhoni’s masterful strokes but rather a small but significant detail on his bat – a ‘Prime Sports’ sticker. Last week, a picture of Dhoni practicing with this new addition sent social media into a frenzy. Little did fans know, it was a heartfelt tribute from the cricketing legend to his childhood friend Paramjit Singh, the owner of the sports company bearing the same name.

Paramjit Singh holds a special place in Dhoni’s journey, documented beautifully in the cricketer’s biopic, ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.’ Singh played a pivotal role in securing Dhoni’s first bat sponsorship, making this sticker not just an endorsement but a poignant nod to their shared history.

Surprisingly, the story took an unexpected turn when Adam Gilchrist, the legendary Australian wicketkeeper, offered his take on the matter during a commentary session. Referring to Prime Sports as ‘just a local store,’ Gilchrist seemingly missed the sentimental value behind Dhoni’s choice.


— Abhi⚒️ (@abhi_backup07) February 11, 2024

As the IPL 2024 approaches, fans are gearing up for another season of cricketing extravaganza, with the added drama of witnessing Dhoni’s expected final hurrah on the field.

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