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The national team divided into two due to Shakib-Tamim conflict, turmoil situation in team Bangladesh 

সাকিব-তামিমের দ্বন্দ্বে জাতীয় দল দুই ভাগে বিভক্ত, টালমাটাল টিম বাংলাদেশ

Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal are one of the two superstars of Bangladesh cricket. In 22 yards of the field or off the field is not unknown to anyone about their friendship. At one time both of them used to call each other best friend. But that good relationship is no longer exists between them. Conflict is going on, that conflict has spread even within the Bangladesh team. BCB President Nazmul Hasan Papon failed to meet this. And because of the cold war between them, grouping in the national team is also going on. The BCB president himself gave such information in an interview recently.

A few years ago, Shakib once said in an interview that there is no friendship between them anymore. This time the BCB president clarified that matter. Recently in an interview, he leaked the national team’s ‘open secret’. Papon said, “The atmosphere in the dressing room is not healthy anymore. I have spoken to both of them. But even trying to resolve but failed. It has become very difficult. We don’t want it to affect the field. I have told them not to affect it on the field. Although they have assured that it will not affect the field. But we do not want the distance between them to increase.”

Papon also said, “Talking between Shakib and Tamim on the field is important. Important England series is just ahead. And it is necessary to maintain good atmosphere in the dressing room. The condition of the dressing room is very bad now. And it is very important to talk between them at this moment. From this series I want a change. That’s in the dressing room at least. But what they do outside of that is up to them.”

What the BCB president fears most is the conflict that will spread within the team. Papon also said that this conflict has been going on for a long time between the national team. In this context, the BCB President said, “The biggest problem for Bangladesh cricket now is grouping, which I fear the most. I was not in the team hotel during the World Cup, but I saw grouping. It surprised me. It is definitely not desirable for a better future. It must be stopped as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, BCB has appointed the head coach before the upcoming important England series. Shakib-Tamim’s responsibility has been given to Hathurusingha. For the first time, this Lankan coach was known as a ‘strict headmaster’. But can this strict headmaster settle the conflict between the two superstars of the country and spread the air of relief in the team? This is now the question of crores of rupees.

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