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Rahul – Athiya’s wedding: What are the gifts from Dhoni – Kohli?

রাহুল - আথিয়ার বিয়েতে ধোনি - কোহলিরা কি উপহার দিলেন?

Indian cricket star Lokesh Rahul has recently tied the knot. This Indian star cricketer has completed his marriage with popular Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty. Discussions about this marriage of Bollywood and cricket in the presence of close relatives are now everywhere. But what gift did he get at the wedding? What gift did Dhoni, Kohli give to his wedding? This is the question in the minds of cricket fans now.

Bollywood stars like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were present at Rahul’s wedding. But the cricket stars could not attend the wedding due to the series. But Dhoni – Kohli did not make a mistake in sending gifts even though they could not be present. Bollywood’s Salman Khan and many other celebrities gave expensive gifts to the new couple. Now let’s see what gift the newlyweds got.

Virat Kohli: India’s best batsman Virat Kohli gave a gift of crores of rupees to his teammate. On the one hand, Kohli’s teammate Rahul is a Bollywood actress, and actress Athiya Shetty has a good relationship with actress Anushka Sharma. It is known that Kohli gifted a BMW car worth Tk 3 crore 42 lacks to the newlyweds.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Rahul made his debut when this World Cup-winning star was in India. He also gave an expensive gift to his former teammate. Dhoni’s love for motorcycles has yet to be discovered. He has at least 25 bikes in his garage. It is known that Dhoni gifted the newlyweds a Kawasaki Ninja bike worth 1 crore.

Salman Khan: This star of Bollywood’s Bhaijaan fame also gave a gift of crores of rupees to the Rahul-Athiya couple. Salman Khan gave an Audi car worth Tk 1.64 million as a wedding gift.

Sunil Shetty: Talk about the daughter’s marriage. What happens if you don’t give an expensive gift? It is known that this Bollywood actor has been gifted a luxury flat worth 63 crore rupees in Mumbai.

It should be noted that due to the busyness of cricket, Rahul – Athiya’s post-wedding ceremony will not take place now. Australia will tour India in February. Border against Ajid – Rahul will return to the team with the Gavaskar trophy. Then IPL again. At the end of this busy schedule, they will have a post-wedding ceremony on vacation. Meanwhile, many congratulated Rahul as he entered married life.

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