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Kohli’s century surpassed Sachin

কোহলির শতক, ছাড়িয়ে গেলেন শচীনকে

In December 2022, the Awami League in Chittagong gave a hundred-year nod to ODIs. Before that, there was a wait of almost three years for this three-digit MAC figure. Chittagong’s Parthi Guwahati, this Sri Lankan star has scored many ODI centuries. As the new year dawns, this batsman is the best. Sachin Tendulkar, the longest-serving cricketer in cricket, is retiring from that side.

Kohli showed the 4th highest century in cricket by scoring the first one in Sri Lanka’s 5th century. At the same time, the batsman also showed achievement of scoring 20 ODI centuries. He also sat independently of the country legend Sachin Tendulkar. Although Sachin scored 20 centuries on the home deck, the report is 164. In the same direction, Kohli had to play only 102 ODIs to score a century.

In another statistic, Sachin is a different person from Kohli. These two batsmen had the most 8 centuries in the bilateral series between India and Sri Lanka. Kohli is the top local man in this Guwahati century. Here too, Kohli has modelled fewer machines than Sachin. Manual Opener Tendulkar scored 8 centuries from 84 matches. But Kohli recorded only 48 matches to score 8 centuries at home.

Kohli on the five lakh mark also holds the record for the highest number of runs scored in intermediate ODIs. And with only 67 runs, Sri Lankan legend Mala Jayawardene topped the list of the Loke star at number five. But he is ruling here too. With 18,426 runs from 463 ODIs, the cricket legend is the number-one vote-getter in history.

It should be noted that Kohli’s current number of centuries in three formats is 73. Which is a statement in cricket history. Sachin Crofton has previously scored 100 centuries. Watching Kohli bat, that record is new but history is written. The old man has to make another 28 centuries. However, given Kohli’s current fitness and presentation, this record is nothing to wish for. Can Kohli? Numbers are now a question of numbers.

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