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India tour will be a nightmare for Australia: Ponting

ভারত সফর অস্ট্রেলিয়ার জন্য দুঃস্বপ্নই হবেঃ পন্টিং

India – Australia High Voltage Test Series begins on Indian soil. The Australian team suffered a big blow on the first day of this fight between the two superpowers of cricket. Hosts India bowled out Australia for 177 runs. Australia had made different preparations for the visit to India in the country, but something else was needed. In the first innings, Australia’s wretchedness was revealed in batting. Australia’s World Cup-winning former captain Ricky Ponting thinks that the tour of India will be a nightmare for Australia.

After returning from injury after a long time, Jadeja became aggressive over Australia. Australian batters could not stand in front of his left-arm spin bowling. Australia started to collapse one after another in batting. Jadeja alone took five wickets with only 47 runs. Another spinner of the team, Ravichandran Ashwin, took three wickets. Spinners got nine wickets out of 11 wickets in the first test. It was already understood that spinners would be a significant factor on Indian soil. They prepared accordingly. However, that didn’t work in the first innings.

Ricky Ponting talks about this high-voltage match between India and Australia. He said, “I had already assumed that India’s wicket would behave like this. My past experience says that. After seeing this pitch a few days ago, the discussion started. I also saw it. It is difficult to survive on this pitch in India. And creating turning wickets is the best way to beat Australia. India has found it. The hosts always take extra advantage of the pitch. The Indians are doing the same.”

Ponting also said, “Our batsmen are not used to this wicket. So, it will not be easy for them to play here. Another thing is that India’s spinners are better than Australia’s. They are used to playing on this pitch type and always do well. So, on this pitch, Indians will have an added advantage”. The first Test of the series was held in Nagpur. In this context, Ponting also said, “There are two off-spinners in the Australian team. And one is new, and he made his debut here in Nagpur. So, I understand well the reason why India made such a pitch. So, the tour of India will be a nightmare for Australia.”

The discussion started with the wicket of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, even before the start of the match. Australian media alleges India has tampered with the pitch. Sachin Tendulkar commented on the pitch. However, it was already permitted to build spin-assisted wickets.

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