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Cricketer’s death on the field, Indian Cricket Board expresses condolence

খেলার মাঠে ক্রিকেটারের মৃত্যু, শোক প্রকাশ ভারতীয় ক্রিকেট বোর্ডের

The shadow of mourning in Indian cricket is not ending. In the last 10 days, three cricketers have died in Gujarat, India. Indian cricketer Basant Rathore died while playing on the field recently. This Indian cricketer had to give his life to play the cricket that was his life. The 34-year-old cricketer died in the hospital due to a heart attack while bowling.

Basant was playing in a match of a local cricket competition at a dental college ground near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was an all-rounder. Basant was bowling at one stage of the match. He suddenly felt a little discomfort in his chest. Then the chest pain started. His teammates and the people there took him to the dental hospital after seeing the condition.

The oxygen level in Basant’s body decreases rapidly. That is why he was taken from the dental hospital to the local civil hospital. His treatment also started there. But it was not possible to save this cricketer. He died in the hospital bed. Doctors said Basant died due to heart attack.

But Basant was not sick before. An official of the Goods and Services Tax Department of Gujarat said, “Basant was normal from the beginning. The illness did not affect him. And our team was fielding at that time. Basant was bowling. But suddenly he felt chest pain and died. His teammates tried enough but didn’t work.”

Meanwhile, three Indian cricketers died in the last 10 days. Apart from Basant, the two remaining cricketers are Rajkot’s Prashant Varolia and Surat’s Jignesh Chauhan. Prashant is 27 years old and Surat is 31 years old. And these three cricketers died due to heart attack. Indian Cricket Board has expressed grief over such deaths.

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