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Cambridge researchers introducing new cricket bat made of Bamboo

A team of researchers from Cambridge University has given birth to some speculations in the world of cricket. Cricket has been played for so long with the traditional English willow. There is no way to play without it. Cricket cannot be played with a bat unless made of wood in cricket law. But due to this culture of wooden bats, developing countries are lagging in cricket because it is not possible for cricketers in many countries to buy such an expensive bat made of wood.

Meanwhile, Cambridge researchers Dr. Darshil Shah, Michael Ramez, and Ben Tinkler-Davies have chosen bamboo as an alternative to wood. Bamboo is cut in the shape of a bat and placed one on top of the other and glued together. The surface is then compressed with pressure and coated with resin. Then this cricket bat was made by a bat manufacturer. In research, this bat has got more marks than the current cricket bat in everything except weight.

Responding to a question as to why he wanted to find an alternative to the cricket bat, researcher Dr. Darshil Shah spoke of the high value of English willow. It is difficult to ensure an adequate supply of willow. It takes a long wait of 15 years to get perfect wood for bats from willow trees. 15 to 30 percent of the valuable wood is wasted while making bats of these. Bamboo is a better material than that.

Bamboo is relatively economical, available in all corners of the world. They grow much faster than wood and are suitable for use in just seven years. You don’t have to think about planting trees like willow as bamboo grows new from the previous roots. In Shah’s eyes, the greatest aspect of bamboo is found in all corners of the world, “China, Japan or South America–bamboo is abundant for those nations, who are new to cricket.”

In addition, the new bamboo bat will come in handy for batsmen from all sides. The bat is relatively stiff. Bamboo can carry 3 times more stress and much more weight than willow. This means that a relatively thin bamboo bat will be as strong as a wooden bat. Batsmen will be able to rotate the bat more vigorously and apply more force than before. Bamboo bats are 22 percent stronger than willow. As a result, the ball will run faster as it is struck. And the ‘sweet spot’ of this bat will bring a sweet smile to the faces of the batsmen. The middle part of the bamboo-made bat is wider than the willow-made one & it needs skill to middle a bowl on the bat. Tinkler-Davis and Shah are saying that this bat is the ‘dream bat’ of batsmen.

Discussions have begun since the study was published in the journals of Sports Engineering and Technology. Everyone also looked with interest at the legislature MCC. Because, according to the law of cricket, there are two obstacles in the case of this bat. This bat is made of bamboo, which is a kind of grass. Secondly, a coating has been used to prepare the bat. The law of cricket states that ‘Bats must be made of wood’. In addition to stating that no coating can be used on the bat. However, the MCC has assured that they will consider bamboo bats.

It would be an interesting thing to see how this bat is accepted to the cricket world. Only time will illustrate the fate of the bamboo bat.

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