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Bj Sports Powers Up Deccan Gladiators as Title Sponsor in Abu Dhabi T10

बीजे स्पोर्ट्स ने अबू धाबी टी10 में डेक्कन ग्लेडियेटर्स को टाइटल स्पोंसर बनाया

In a thrilling development for cricket enthusiasts and fans of the Abu Dhabi T10 league, the reigning champions, the Deccan Gladiators, have announced a significant partnership with Bj Sports, solidifying their journey towards a hat-trick of titles with title sponsor. The confirmation of this exciting news came through an official announcement on the team’s social media page, creating waves of anticipation and excitement among cricket aficionados.

Deccan Gladiators have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Abu Dhabi T10 league, clinching titles in seasons 5 and 6. Their exceptional performance on the field, marked by strategic gameplay and individual brilliance, has made them the team to watch in the fast-paced and entertaining format of the T10 league. 


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The latest buzz surrounding the team is the strategic partnership with Bj Sports, which has stepped up as the title sponsor for the Deccan Gladiators. This collaboration aims to propel the team to new heights and further solidify their standing as the team to beat in the upcoming Abu Dhabi T10 season.

Bj Sports Powers Up Deccan Gladiators as Title Sponsor in Abu Dhabi T10
Bj Sports Powers Up Deccan Gladiators as Title Sponsor in Abu Dhabi T10 2

The official announcement by the Deccan Gladiators came through a post on their official social media page. The team expressed their excitement and gratitude, stating, “We are super thrilled to announce @Bjsports_OFC as our title sponsor for the journey to a hat-trick of 

.” The use of the term “hat-trick” indicates the team’s ambitious goal of securing a third consecutive title in the upcoming season, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Bj Sports, the newly appointed title sponsor, brings its expertise and passion for sports to the forefront. Known for supporting and empowering teams across various sports, Bj Sports adds a new dimension to the Deccan Gladiators’ journey. The partnership goes beyond a financial arrangement, as it signifies a shared commitment to excellence, teamwork, and the pursuit of victory.

With the announcement of Bj Sports as the title sponsor, anticipation for the upcoming Abu Dhabi T10 season has reached new heights. Cricket fans are eager to witness the synergy between the Deccan Gladiators and their new sponsor, hoping it will translate into on-field success. The prospect of a hat-trick of titles adds an extra layer of drama and excitement to what promises to be an electrifying season.

The collaboration between Deccan Gladiators and Bj Sports marks a significant chapter in the team’s journey, promising a thrilling and competitive season ahead. As fans eagerly await the action on the field, the title sponsorship by Bj Sports adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to what is already one of the most captivating cricket leagues in the world. With the goal of securing a hat-trick of titles, the Deccan Gladiators, powered by Bj Sports, are set to embark on a journey that could etch their names in the annals of T10 cricket history.

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