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‘Don’t whinge and moan, rule says you’re cheating’ – Ravi Shastri’s no-nonsense take on non-striker run-outs

'Don't whinge and moan, rule says you're cheating' - Ravi Shastri's no-nonsense take on non-striker run-outs

Ravi Shastri’s bold stance on non-striker run-outs: Rules first, spirit later (Photo Source: Jio Cinema)

The non-striker run-out has been a contentious topic in cricket, often sparking debates about the Spirit of Cricket. While some view it as a legitimate tactic, a majority of others argue it goes against the spirit of the game.

The Marylebone Cricket Club sanctioned it as a valid form of dismissal in 2019; nevertheless, it’s still frowned upon by many. Former Indian cricketer, Ravi Shastri, a stalwart of the game renowned for his bold opinions on cricket, has a powerful message for those making noise about the heavily-debated spirit of the game over such dismissals.

Shastri stood as a staunch advocate of the rules, emphasising that they must not be overlooked. He reiterated that the rulebook serves a purpose, stressing that no batter should receive a warning before such a dismissal is effected.

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“In this day-and-age, forget spirit. I believe in rules. You Mankaded a guy; it’s the rules. There’s a rulebook. Observe the damn rules. We’ll talk about this spirit later,” remarked Shastri on Ashwin’s YouTube channel.

The erstwhile Indian coach said that if he would have witnessed a non-striker backing up too far, he wouldn’t have hesitated to dislodge as a bolwer. He also mentioned that there should be no justification for any complaints against the mode of dismissal, given that it is fully in compliance with the rulebook.

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“A guy running two steps ahead. Oh, that’s fair. You should warn me. For what? The rule says you’re cheating. I hate warning. I would tip the bails off straightaway. On your bike. Rule book, page 33. Don’t crib. It’s there. Don’t whinge and moan after the bloody event. It’s there. It’s for everyone to read. It’s for both teams, so why are you making a noise about it?” he added.

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