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Root surpassed Kohli-Smith-Williamson

Root surpassed Kohli-Smith-Williamson

Joe Root was instrumental in England’s victory in the Edgbaston Test against India. England needed 378 runs to win in the last innings of the match to save the series. The English have climbed that huge hill depending on Root and Johnny Bearstore’s Century. With the team’s victory on this day, Root also got a personal achievement.

Root played an innings of 142 off 173 balls to lead England to victory. And that is the 28th century of his Test career. However, the place of specialty is that Root also surpassed Virat, Steven Smith and Ken Williamson. The English star now owns more centuries than these three stars in white.

Root-Kohli-Smith-Williamson has been ruling the world of cricket with the bat for the last few years, collectively called ‘Favourite-Four’. This time, Root has occupied the top spot of that ‘Favourite-Four’. Whose single reign has been going on for the last couple of years? Especially in Test cricket, he is ruling.

Kohli and Smith have scored the same number of Test centuries. Next to the names of these two expert batsmen from India and Australia, there are 27 Test centuries each. New Zealand captain Williamson has 24 centuries at-bat. Coincidentally, in 2022, none of them saw a century.

On the other hand, since the beginning of 2022, Root has scored 11 Test centuries in almost a year and a half. Among the other three, Kohli’s last Test century was November 22, 2019. Smith also met his Test century about a year and a half ago, on January 7, 2021. Besides, the last Kiwi captain to reach a three-digit figure was January 3 2021.

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