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Jamie Siddons suggested an alternative way of power heating

Jamie Siddons suggested an alternative way of power heating

At present, the tide of T20 is flowing in world cricket. The cricketers are winning the hearts of the spectators by smashing four-sixes. As many boundaries can be enjoyed here, the spectators’ interest in this format is increasing from the other two formats of cricket. There are a few cricketers in Bangladesh cricket who can smash boundary-over boundary regularly. The T20 World Cup is knocking on the door. Why is there a lack of power heaters in the team at such a moment? Or what is the way to score runs fast? Bangladesh batting coach Jamie Siddons answered such a question. 

According to Siddons, the biggest hurdle for Bangladesh cricketers is their physical build. Besides, the batting coach of the Tigers has also informed me of the way out of such a path. “As a nation, I don’t think we have very tall players,” he said. “For example, Joss Butler is 6 feet 2 inches, big body … Glenn Maxwell is also 6 feet 2. Marcus Steinis is also large … so we have to find another way,” he added.

“We can’t beat other teams physically,” Siddons said. “In my opinion, our bowling department is very good. I don’t think we need to collect a huge margin of runs. A good collection should be set up on the board. So being single is definitely important. However, the power hit must win the T20 match. The more boundaries, the more matches can be won. So we still have to focus on power hitting and play good cricket,” he added.

The problem of power heating in Bangladesh is old. Many times there was talk of appointing a separate coach for power heating. But Siddons thinks he can give the Tigers a power-hitting trick himself. “I think I have that ability. But there have been only five training sessions since coming here. Outside of this, all were matches and travelling. Many more training sessions are needed to master the power of heating skills. So I need it. We need to spend more time in training to see so that the players can change their skills. At the moment we are preparing for the match. In this case, you can not think of anything else, ” he opined.

“The performance of Bangladesh bowlers is good, and if batters can collect well, bowlers will be able to bring out the match. If we can hit a lot of fours, take a lot of singles, and hit some sixes, we can score well on the board. Then our bowling attack will be able to handle the rest. We don’t have to score huge, ” Siddons said.

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