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Dhoni in T-Ten League after IPL!

Dhoni in T-Ten League after IPL!

India’s World Cup-winning former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be seen in the upcoming edition of T-Ten League in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi can join this competition by saying goodbye to IPL. The cricket community is abuzz with such news. However, if this rumor is true, the T-Ten League will undoubtedly get an additional dimension.

Abu Dhabi T-Ten Tournament Chairman Shaji Mulk talks about Dhoni. He told the media about Dhoni’s T-Ten League play. Shaji Mulk said they are thinking of offering Dhoni to play. According to him, Dhoni has a lot of influence in this type of cricket. He also said that Dhoni gave them several suggestions in this competition. Shaji Mulk confirms that they will definitely offer Dhoni.

They are thinking of playing Dhoni in the T-Ten league mainly to increase the attractiveness of the competition. Before that, however, they confirmed Robin Uthappa for the next season. Mulk also said that several other Indian cricketers have shown interest in playing in this league.

Dhoni is leading Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. He will also be seen in the upcoming season of IPL. However, it is known that Dhoni will not play in the IPL after the next season. Instead he can be seen in this T-Ten League in Abu Dhabi. However, Dhoni has not been formally offered yet. Therefore, his T-Ten League game cannot be guaranteed yet.

Note that there are restrictions on Indian cricketers, they cannot play in any foreign competition. They are not allowed from the Indian Board. However, Dhoni has no restrictions in this regard. Now he can participate in any foreign competition due to retirement. So if he gets the offer from Abu Dhabi, the game there is completely dependent on his will.

However, Dhoni has not yet opened his mouth about the matter. He was seen relaxing in Dubai a few days ago with his wife and daughter. Indian media has reported that Dhoni will start preparing for the upcoming IPL season after retirement. Recently there were rumors that Dhoni might be appointed to an important position in the Indian cricket team.

Will Shakib get a chance in the IPL by reducing the base price?

ভিত্তিমূল্য কমিয়ে আইপিএলে সুযোগ পাবেন সাকিব? 

The 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to start next year. The Indian Cricket Board has already released the list of players registered for its auction. A total of 991 cricketers have signed up for the upcoming season of IPL. Out of them 714 are their own cricketers and the remaining 277 are foreigners. Among these 277 people there are 6 cricketers from Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s poster boy Shakib Al Hasan is named in the second highest category there. However, Shakib, who did not get a team in the IPL last year, has reduced the base price this time.

IPL mini auction will be held in Kochi, India on December 23 this month. There are 10 cricketers in the second highest category. Shakib is one of them. However, compared to the last season, Shakib’s base price has decreased in this season. In the last season’s auction, Shakib’s base price was Rs 2 crore, but in the upcoming season his auction will start at Rs 1.5 crore. Apart from Shakib, players like Shaun Abbott, Jhai Richardson, Adak Zampa, Will Jacks, David Malan, Jason Roy are in the second highest category.

However, there are 21 cricketers with the highest base price of Rs 2 crore. Among them are England’s Ben Stokes and Sam Curran. Cricketers like Australia’s Cameron Green, New Zealand’s Kane Williams, West Indies’ Nicholas Pooran.

Bangladesh’s Taskin Ahmed, Liton Kumar Das and Afif Hossain can get a call-up in the IPL along with Shakib. However, Delhi Capitals have already joined Mustafiz in the team. Delhi retained Mustafiz for Rs 2 crore. The Tiger pacer played for Delhi Capitals last season as well. He took 8 wickets in 8 matches at an economy rate of 7.63.

It should be noted that the highest number of players (57) registered in the auction of 10 franchises of 2023 IPL is from Australia. Then South Africa (52 people). Besides, 33 people from West Indies, 31 people from England, 27 people from New Zealand, 27 people from Sri Lanka. 14 players registered from Afghanistan, 8 players from Ireland, 7 players from Netherlands, 6 players from United Arab Emirates, 6 players from Zimbabwe. However, the question being discussed in Bangladesh cricket now, will Shakib, who did not get a call to the IPL last season, get a call to the IPL by reducing the base price?

Nasim’s fight with English journalists over English knowledge

Nasim's fight with English journalists over English knowledge

Many cricketers can’t do their studies while devoting time to cricket. Therefore, even though the English language is prevalent in the whole world, they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts in their mother tongue. Young Pakistani pacer Naseem Shah is no exception. Being born in Pakistan, it is a bit difficult for him to express his feelings in English. This Pak pacer gave a funny answer to the English question asked by the English journalist.

Naseem faces a press conference before taking the field in the Test series against England. There he was asked only in Hindi language. But suddenly an English journalist threw questions in English at him. Nasim answered in a somewhat funny manner.

The English journalist wants to know from Nasim. Although Anderson does not have the same speed as Nasim, but he has other skills. What will Nasim say about this? In response to such questions, Naseem jokingly addressed him as brother and said that his knowledge of English was only 30 percent. And now that too is over.

Everyone present laughed at Nasim’s reply. Nasim is also seen smiling. Naseem means that his English skills are not that high. So it is difficult for him to speak English for a long time.

Before that, the English journalist wanted to know what Nasim would say about 40-year-old Anderson? Naseem replied in English. He said, playing at the age of 40 is a matter of achievement. Taking himself as an example, he is doing the hard work. Naseem called Anderson a legend and said he has worked hard for the game.

Nasim is also optimistic that he will seek advice from Anderson. He also believes that it is not possible without hard work to be in great shape and play at an even pace even at the age of 40.

Rahul Dravid is being removed from the position of coach!

Rahul Dravid is being removed from the position of coach!

The Indian Cricket Board is going to create a new coaching set-up for India for T20 cricket. It is expected that this may be done in the month of January. And if that happens, India’s captain and coach may change. In that case, India can enter the field with a new captain and a new coach next January.

According to sources in the Indian media, the captain of the T-20 format may change before India’s T-20 series against Sri Lanka. A top BCCI official told Inside Sports that a new coach may also be appointed in the T20 format. In that case, Rahul Dravid will only be the ODI and Test formats coach. That means Dravid will be removed from the T20 coach position.

That top BCCI official said, “We are looking at the T20 format very seriously. The schedule of the Indian cricket team is already busy enough. Rahul Dravid cannot handle it alone. We want to look at the T20 format completely differently this time. We should also change. At least I can say that the Indian cricket team will soon have a new coaching set-up.”

But who is being given the post of T20 coach instead of Rahul Dravid? When asked about that, he said, “No one has decided yet. But I think a new coach should be brought in T-20 cricket. For now, the name of the new captain will be announced first in January. Then the new coach can come.”

Note that the Indian team is currently on a tour of Bangladesh to play a bilateral series. There are senior cricketers like captain Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli in the team. However, there are rumors that senior cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli may be left out of the team for the three-match T20 series against Sri Lanka.

Will Shami stay in the test against Bangladesh?

বাংলাদেশের বিপক্ষে টেস্টে কি থাকবেন শামি? 

Injuries are the biggest enemy of players on the field of play. This enemy attacked the Indian team before the start of the series against Bangladesh. Pacer Mohammad Shami has been dropped from the team due to injury. India has even taken his replacement player in the team. According to the BCCI, Umran Malik has been given to the team instead of Shami.

According to BCCI, Shami injured his shoulder during practice. After that, the pacer could not recover from it. Shami is currently under the observation of team doctors at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. Due to which India is not getting him in the ODI series against Bangladesh. Even the Test series against Bangladesh is uncertain. However, nothing has been reported from the BCCI in this regard.

Umran Malik got a chance to replace Shami in the ODI team. The party is also optimistic about Umran. This pacer has been praised for his good bowling in the last season of IPL. Umran made his debut in the ODI series during India’s last tour of New Zealand. He played in three ODIs there.

Injuries are the big problem of Team India. Earlier, one of India’s bowling weapons, Ravindra Jadeja, was dropped from the Indian team due to injury. Could not play in the last T-20 World Cup. Bumrah is also not in the team due to injury. Even before the series, the Indian cricket team has turned into a fairly small hospital. In the end, if Shami can’t play the Test, Navdeep Saini or Mukesh Kumar can come into the team. There are also doubts about Jadeja’s availability in Tests. If he is not available, Saurabh Kumar can come to the team.

After 7 long years, India has come to play a bilateral series on the soil of Bangladesh. Even if important players of the team are injured, this team consisting of senior cricketers will aim to win the series. On the other hand, the hosts will also be desperate to win the series at home. Bangladesh has already defeated India in the first ODI match.

Enjoyed the Miraj-Mustafiz match: Liton Das

Enjoyed the Miraj-Mustafiz match: Liton Das

On the tour of Bangladesh, the mighty India were caught by the Tigers in their first ODI. Bangladesh also lost wickets quickly when they came to bat against India’s target of 187 runs. When Bangladesh lost 9 wickets for 136 runs, Team India began to smell the victory. But this time, Bangladesh has come to the shore and drowned

In the end, with the incredible batting of Mehdi Hasan Miraj and Mostafizur Rahman, the pair of 51 runs from 41 balls topped the Tigers with an average of 186 runs. Bangladesh tasted victory in the first ODI. And Liton Das, who got the responsibility of captaincy, is very happy with this victory.

Tiger captain Litton spoke after the match. He said, when he was sitting in the dressing room, he was really nervous. But Mehdi and Mostafiz’s batting brought him relief. Liton also told the media that he enjoyed the way Miraj-Mustafiz batted.

In batting, Liton scored 41 runs and Shakib scored 29 runs. But Lytton thought they would win easily. But the quick fall of wickets turned the situation against them. Litton said he and Shakib thought they would win easily when they were on the wicket. But after they get out, things get difficult.

But Liton also said that he had faith in the rest. And Liton did not know the language to express the feeling of this victory against India, he said, it is an incredible victory for them. The captain of Team Bangladesh also commented that Miraj, the hero of victory, deserves praise for the way he played.

Meanwhile, after losing their first match, Rohit is being criticized in the Indian media. After the failure of the World Cup, Rohit Kohli returned to the team with this series. But after the defeat in the first ODI, they are being criticized. However, Team India is ready to turn around in the second match. The second ODI of the series will be held on December 7.

Pakistan will not play the Asia Cup if the venue is changed

ভেন্যু বদল করলে এশিয়া কাপ খেলবেনা পাকিস্তান 

The 2023 Asia Cup is still a long way off. However, there is no end to the discussion around this event. The 2023 Asia Cup is scheduled to be held in Pakistan. But the Indian Cricket Board has objections to go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. BCCI has informed that they will not participate in the Asia Cup if the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board has threatened not to play in the Asia Cup if the Asia Cup is moved from Pakistan.

The relationship between India and Pakistan is not good due to political tension. Regarding the 2023 Asia Cup, the Indian board has clarified that they will not participate if the Asia Cup is organized in Pakistan. Due to which the 2023 Asia Cup may be moved from Pakistan. As announced by BCCI Secretary Jai Shah, the Asia Cup will be shifted to an alternative venue instead of Pakistan due to India’s objection.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board has also responded. Chairman of the board Ramiz Raza also clarified that if Asia Cup is not organized in Pakistan then Babar Azmar too will not participate in this tournament to achieve excellence in Asia.

During the Pakistan-England Test in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Ramiz Raja said that it is not the case that Pakistan is requesting to host the Asia Cup or that they have no right. Ramiz also said that they have a right to host the Asia Cup. Ramiz also said that Pakistan will withdraw from the Asia Cup if their rightful rights are taken away from Pakistan.

Believing in their own abilities, Ramiz also said, “We have shown that Pakistan can organize a tournament with all teams.” The Asia Cup is a multinational tournament, as big as the World Cup for Asian teams. Ramiz Raja then threw a question and said, why India will not come to Pakistan even after giving hosting rights to Pakistan? Ramiz also commented that it is not right to take away Pakistan’s hosting rights because the Indian government will not allow Rohit Sharma to come.

Earlier, Indian Sports Minister Anurag Thakur said, “Whether Rohit-Kohli will tour Pakistan to play the Asia Cup depends on the Indian Home Ministry. Meanwhile, there is no possibility of changing their opinion due to political problems.

Earlier, the Pakistan Cricket Board threatened that if India and Pakistan do not go to play the Asia Cup, Pakistan will not go to the 2023 ODI World Cup. The cricket world is now discussing and criticizing what will be the fate of this discussed tournament at the end.

The rights of Bangladesh – India series were sold at a high price, the ticket crisis is going on

The riচড়া দামে বিক্রি হলো বাংলাদেশ - ভারত সিরিজের স্বত্ব , চলছে টিকিট সংকট ghts of Bangladesh - India series were sold at a high price, the ticket crisis is going on

The whole world is now floating on the tide of the football world cup. Although Bangladesh is not in the World Cup, there is no shortage of madness in Bangladesh. And in this football frenzy, the Indian cricket team has come to visit Bangladesh. The apprehension was that in the football frenzy of Bangladesh – India, the audience will have such interest in this series? However, dispelling that fear, the audience is also crazy about this series. The title sponsor rights of the series have been sold at high prices. There is also a crisis with tickets.

After 7 long years, the Indian cricket team has come to visit Bangladesh. Being neighboring countries, the series between the two countries has heightened the interest of the audience. But there was concern about this because of the series between the football World Cup. There was a discussion in the cricket of the country about the sale of the title sponsor rights of the series, how will the audience’s ticket demand be.

However, ending all the speculations, the rights of the Bangladesh India series have been bought by the Indian company TOAM. Walton Group is the powered buy. And before that, Walton has bought the right of sponsor in all the series in the country till October 2023.

An official related to the sponsor said that the interest in the India series is always high. But they didn’t think it would be so much between the World Cup now. He said that an Indian company bought it for almost three times the price.

On the other hand, BCB Chief Selector Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that the demand for tickets in the Bangladesh-India match is always at the highest level. Although it is a little less than World Cup football, what is happening is what they expect. And be it from tickets or other sponsors.

Meanwhile, the audience is worried about the tickets. Even after going to the counter at the appointed time, the ticket was not found at the due price. ODI match tickets are being sold at high prices. A spectator who came from Noakhali to buy tickets to watch the game told the media that he had been standing in line since noon. But one time he saw that the tickets were not being issued. Finding no way, he bought a ticket of 200 rupees for 500 rupees.

It should be noted that the BCB has already informed that the tickets will be available one day before the match. Tickets must be collected between 9 am and 6 pm. No tickets are available online. Tickets must be collected from designated counters. However, some number of tickets may be available on the match day as well.

Umran’s father is happy that Umran Malik did not play in the World Cup!

উমরান মালিক বিশ্বকাপ না খেলায় খুশি উমরানের বাবা! 

Umran Malik got a place in the national team with a great performance in the IPL. His speed caught everyone’s attention. But he lost his place in the World Cup because he could not perform well in international cricket. As a result, the effectiveness of his speed also began to be criticized. But Umran’s father is happy that his son did not get a chance to play in the World Cup.

Umran came to everyone’s discussion because of his fast bowling in IPL. It is said that he is going to be the new pace star of India. He also made his debut in T20. But in the end, he could not fulfill even a drop of expectation in the jersey of the national team. For Team India, Umran was caught 22 yards off the field. As a result, he had to be left out of the World Cup team.

And then people started criticizing him. But Umran’s father Abdul Rashid is not worried about it at all. Ignoring what people say, Rashid thinks it is good that his son is not in the World Cup team. According to him, his son will definitely play when the time comes. Umran’s father does not think that there is a need to rush for this. Rather, Rashid thinks that this time the boy will have more time to develop himself.

Now he is working on variations as Umran’s pace is questioned. On the other hand, the son is still not ready for the World Cup, his father also agrees. But Umran is not sitting. This young cricketer is regularly learning from the experienced. According to his father, Umran is getting a chance to share the dressing room with the veterans. Umran’s father thinks that he will learn from the experience from here.

It should be noted that Umran made his T20 debut for India before the World Cup. But he did not get the expected success in 22 yards. Recently, Umran made his ODI debut during India’s tour of New Zealand. Umran took two wickets in 10 overs in the match. He gave the ball 66 runs. Cricket analysts feel that the young pace sensation is finding it difficult to adjust to the pressure of the national team at the beginning. Many people also think that Umran will serve India for a long time if he can cope with the pressure.

Nasim wants to learn from Anderson

Nasim wants to learn from Anderson

Pakistan’s young pace sensation Naseem Shah. He started in international cricket as a promising young cricketer. He has already played for the country in all three formats. By showing his ability, he is sending a message to world cricket, he is a long race horse. To bring more maturity to his cricket career, young Naseem wants to learn from English pace legend James Anderson.

After 17 years, England is playing a Test series in Pakistan. Anderson has always been the main weapon in the English bowling line-up in white. Even after crossing the age of 40, he continues to rule in Tests. Any youngster would want to learn from such a wealth of experience. Why would Nasim be an exception?

So, Nasim wants to learn how to do better in 22 yards of the field from the English pacer. Nasim said, “Anderson is a legendary pacer. I have learned from him in the past and want to learn from him in the future. His fitness is also great. He is playing well even at this age. I think it is the biggest achievement of his career to be able to play like this.”

Nasim’s words, however, match the reality. Even in the twilight of a long two-decade career, the way Anderson continues to shine at twenty-two yards can be an inspiration to all. The English pacer is playing by making age a number. The young Pakistani pacer also commented that due to hard work, Anderson has become the world’s best in bowling.

Meanwhile, the responsibility of the series against England is on Nasim’s shoulders. Shaheen Shah Afridi is unable to play due to injury. Nasim will have to make up for that lack at home. As he did in the Sri Lanka series a few months ago. Naseem, however, is confident enough to succeed with that responsibility.