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Legends of English Cricket: The best Cricketers of England

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England

This is a subject that we have never explored but is one that is interesting to talk about because England has played cricket for around 140 years and some of The Best Cricketers of England have represented them for years and years. Let me just say that this will be a look back at the glorious 140 years of cricket and that the players have only gotten better with time. The English cricket legends will be named below.

The fact that they span all eras and contributed to the development of modern English cricket says a lot about their brilliance. Following a discussion of each player’s resume, our readers will be able to understand why they were included on this list.  Without further ado, here are England’s top cricketers.

Top 5 Cricket Legends of England:

5. Fred Trueman (1952-1965)

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England
Fred Trueman

Fred Trueman, one of the best England bowlers ever, had to use his abilities to take wickets because he played when the pitches were uncovered. He took part in 67 tea matches in his extraordinary career, taking 307 test wickets at a meagre average of just 21.58, with 17 five-wicket hauls and 3 ten-wicket hauls.

4. Graham Gooch (1975-1995)

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England
Graham Gooch

Graham Gooch, one of the all-time greatest English cricketers, dominated the international scene for 20 years at a time when bowlers were revered as the best in the world. In 118 Test Matches, he took part, scoring 8900 runs at a very respectable average of 42.58, including 20 Test hundreds, two double hundreds, and a highest score of 333. He also took part in 125 One-Day Internationals for England, playing in 4290 runs at an average of 36.98 and scoring eight centuries in his career.


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3. Ian Botham (1976-1992)

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England
Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham is arguably the best all-around cricketer to ever represent England. He was an outlier in the England lineup and excelled at both bowling and Battista in both game types. He participated in 102 Test Matches, scoring 5200 runs with 14 Test hundreds at an average of 33.55. He took 383 test wickets for England in the 102 test matches, including 4 times when he took 10 wickets in a single game and 27 five-wicket hauls. He participated in 116 one-day international matches for England in the ODI format, where he amassed 2113 runs and claimed 145 wickets.

2. Joe Root (2012-Now)

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England
Joe Root

Joe Root has been England’s finest hitter in all three forms combined, therefore it would have been cruel to leave him off this list. Even though he has only been playing this sport for 10 years, his numbers are amazing, and he still has a long way to go before he retires. He has played in 117 test matches and amassed 9889 test runs at an amazing average of 49.20. He also has 25 test hundreds and five double hundreds. When he is finished, he will have added thousands more runs to his total. He has participated in 152 ODIs so far, amassed 6109 runs at an exceptional average of 51.09, and recorded 16 ODI hundreds.

1. Stuart Broad (2006- Now)

Legends of English Cricket The best Cricketers of England
Stuart Broad

The outstanding Stuart Broad, who ranks with Jimmy Anderson as one of the top fast bowlers of all time, is the final player on our list. He continues to play test cricket, has appeared in 152 England test matches, has claimed 537 test wickets to date, and can finish his career with 600 wickets. Additionally, he has completed 3412 test runs with a top score of 169. He has represented England in 121 ODI games and 56 T20I games, playing in all forms and taking 178 and 65 wickets, respectively.



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