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Asia Cup 2023 Final: Team India’s Record-breaking Journey to Achieve 8th Asia Cup trophy.

Asia Cup 2023 Final Team Indias Record breaking Journey to Achieve 8th Asia Cup trophy

The Asia Cup 2023 final was thrilling and unpredictable. All the Asia Cup final matches were thrilling and record-breaking. In the Asia Cup 2023 final match India defeated Sri Lanka entirely with bat and ball to win the Asia Cup in the most damaging way appropriate. 

In 15.2 overs, Sri Lanka was dismissed for just 50 runs after choosing to bat first and winning the toss. Mohammed Siraj was the main wrecker, with a 6-wicket haul that included four wickets in the fourth over of the game.

In response, India wasted little time in chasing down the mark in just 6.1 overs, winning the match by a margin of 10 wickets. India won their eighth championship as a result of the victory, ensuring that they maintained their supremacy in this multi-nation competition. Throughout the final, the team also broke other records.

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Records broken in the 2023 Asia Cup final

1) ODI Finals win by 10 wickets: In the ODI Finals, this was the third-highest 10-wicket victory.

  • Champions Trophy Final in 1998: India completed the 196-run chase against Zimbabwe in 30 overs without losing a wicket.
  • 2003 VB Series First Final: Without losing a wicket, Australia completed the 117-run chase against England in 12.2 overs.
  • Asia Cup 2023 Final: In 6.1 overs and without losing a wicket, India successfully knocked down Sri Lanka’s 50-run total.

2) Biggest victory in an ODI championship (based on the number of balls still in play): The ODI Final’s biggest win was this one.

  • Asia Cup 2023 Final: Sri Lanka was defeated by India with 263 balls remaining.
  • 1st Final of the 2003 VB Series: With 226 balls left, Australia defeated England.
  • Final of the 1999 ICC World Cup: With 179 balls left, Australia defeated Pakistan.

3) India’s biggest ODI victory (based on the number of balls still in play): India’s victory in this ODI format was their biggest ever.

  • Asia Cup 2023: With 263 balls remaining, India defeated Sri Lanka.
  • In the 2001 Standard Bank Triangular Tournament: India beat Kenya with 231 balls remaining.
  • India’s 2018 West Indies Tour: With 211 balls still to be played, India defeated the West Indies.

4) The shortest ODIs that were played (based on the number of balls bowled): In terms of the total amount of balls bowled during the entire game, this was the third shortest ODI.

  • League 2 of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in 2020: Nepal defeated the United States by 8 wickets after 104 balls of play.
  • 2001 LG Abans Triangular Series: The Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe game was won by Sri Lanka by 9 wickets in 120 balls.
  • 2023 Asia Cup: India defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in a match that lasted 129 balls.

5) Lowest ODI score vs India: In ODI matches against India, this was the lowest score ever recorded by a team.

  • Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka was bowled out for 50 runs during the Sri Lanka vs. India game.
  • Bangladesh visits by India in 2014: Bangladesh was bowled out for 58 runs during the game between India and Bangladesh.
  • 2005’s triangular series: In the game between India and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe was bowled out for 65 runs.

6) Lowest ranking in the ODI Finals: In an ODI final, no team has ever scored less than this.

  • Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka was bowled out for 50 runs in the India vs. Sri Lanka game.
  • 2000 Champions Trophy: In the match between Sri Lanka and India, India was bowled out for 54 runs.
  • Sharjah Cup 2002: Sri Lanka was knocked out for 78 runs in the game between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

7) The best ODI stats for India: Siraj had the fourth-best overall performance for India in the Asia Cup final.

  • 2014 India tour of Bangladesh: In the game against Bangladesh, Stuart Binny scored 6/4.
  • Hero Cup 1993: Anil Kumble bagged 6/12 in the match against West Indies.
  • Asia Cup in 2023: Mohammed Siraj bagged 6/21 in the match against Sri Lanka.

Team India won the Asia Cup 2023 final as a champion team but because of the Sri Lanka team’s unexpected collapse, the final match was one-sided. Hope from this both teams will get inspiration for up upcoming World Cup 2023. 

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