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‘Unprofessional, unacceptable at this level’ – Sunil Gavaskar opines on Mohammed Siraj’s game-altering moment in Pakistan clash

'Unprofessional, unacceptable at this level' - Sunil Gavaskar opines on Mohammed Siraj's game-altering moment in Pakistan clash

'Unprofessional, unacceptable at this level' - Sunil Gavaskar opines on Mohammed Siraj's game-altering moment in Pakistan clash

Sunil Gavaskar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Sunil Gavaskar criticizes Mohammed Siraj’s game-altering moment in the IND vs PAK T20 World Cup 2024 clash as ‘unprofessional, unacceptable at this level. There was a prevailing sentiment of relief among Indian experts and the general public after India secured a narrow six-run victory against Pakistan in a high-stakes, low-scoring match. Despite a significant batting collapse, the team rose to the occasion with an exceptional bowling performance. However, a particular incident on the second delivery of the 18th over left former India cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar, absolutely seething while commentating for Star Sports.

Pakistan had somewhat lost their momentum in their pursuit of the 120-run target, yet remained within striking distance, and more than capable of mounting a comeback. After Imad Wasim played the first delivery from Mohammed Siraj for a single, the equation stood at 29 runs required from 17 deliveries, a quite manageable target, considering the prowess of the batters in the middle.

Iftikhar Ahmed had just arrived at the crease, having faced only one delivery thus far. The second delivery of the over was a front-foot no-ball, which, fortunately for India, did not yield any additional runs. The subsequent free-hit was struck for a couple of runs to the right of the deep point, with Siraj conceding only five runs in the remaining four deliveries of the over.

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However, the overstepping was enough to perturb Gavaskar on air. He asserted that a no-ball bowled by any bowler at any level is indefensible, inexcusable, and intolerable. He also asserted that bowlers have complete control over knowing where the popping crease is, and while wide deliveries could be attributed to unforeseen occurrences like wind or batters shuffling, there were no justifications whatsoever for bowling no-balls.

“Unforgivable. Professional cricketers, whatever you are, you cannot bowl a no-ball. It’s in your control. Wide balls are not always in your control but no-balla are. Unprofessional, unacceptable at this level. No excuses whatsoever,” remarked Gavaskar, while commentating on Star Sports.

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Notably, Siraj was the sole bowler among the quartet to complete his entire allocation of overs without securing a wicket, whereas Arshdeep Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya claimed one, three, and two wickets, respectively.

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