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‘They need to be penalised’ – Sunil Gavaskar speaks on England players’ IPL departure

'They need to be penalised' - Sunil Gavaskar speaks on England players' IPL departure

Sunil Gavaskar. (Photo source: X(Twitter)

The England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) recent call for players to exit the Indian Premier League (IPL) and return home for national duty ahead of the T20 World Cup has ignited a fiery debate within cricket circles. This directive, issued amidst the IPL season, has drawn both criticism and support from various quarters, with former India captain Sunil Gavaskar emerging as a prominent voice in the discourse.

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Expressing his dissatisfaction, Gavaskar emphasized the need for decisive action from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and IPL franchises in response to the abrupt departure of players. Gavaskar advocated for measures to hold both players and their respective cricket boards accountable for breaching commitments made to IPL franchises.

“I am all for players choosing country before anything else, but having assured various franchises about their availability for the full season, if they pull out now, it will be letting down the franchises. The franchises should not only be allowed to deduct a substantial amount from the fee that the player was bought for, but also not give the Board, to which the player belongs, the stated 10 per cent commission of the fee that each player gets,” Gavaskar remarked, In his column for Mid Day, highlighting the financial ramifications faced by franchises due to the mid-season exits of players.

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Gavaskar proposed that IPL franchises should be empowered to deduct a significant portion of players’ salaries as compensation for their untimely departure. He also questioned the practice of paying a ten percent commission to cricket boards for players’ participation in the IPL, calling for fairness and parity in cricket administration.

“If the Board has gone back on its assurance they need to be penalised too. This 10 per cent commission to the Boards happens only in the IPL and nowhere else. Does the BCCI get any thanks for its generosity? No way,” Gavaskar emphasized, underscoring the need for accountability and transparency in cricket governance.

As discussions between the ECB and BCCI unfold to address the ramifications of England players’ IPL exit, stakeholders across the cricketing landscape await clarity on the path forward. The controversy surrounding this issue underscores the intricate balance between international and franchise cricket commitments, highlighting the need for clear guidelines and mutual understanding among all parties involved.

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