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‘No one’s desperate but pressure is so much’ – Abhishek Nayar describes ‘sex in cricket’ as ‘very normal’

'No one's desperate but pressure is so much' - Abhishek Nayar describes 'sex in cricket' as 'very normal'

Ranveer Allahbadia and Abhishek Nayar. (Source – Ranveer Allahbadia)

Certain subjects are universally recognised but may not warrant enthusiastic discussion, often being deemed taboo due to their nature. Despite the subject’s relevance, discretion is often exercised when broaching such topics.

During a recent podcast, Abhishek Nayar, a former Indian cricketer and KKR assistant coach, was prompted to express his perspectives on the subject of sex in cricket by Ranveer Allahbadia, an Indian YouTuber, widely acclaimed for inviting personalities from diverse fields and conducting engaging interviews. Ranveer is known for his easy-going demeanor and candid style, often posing unfiltered questions to his guests, much like the one he threw at Nayar.

Taken aback by the spontaneity of the question, Nayar required some time to comprehend the nature of the inquiry concerning its relevance to cricketers’ lives. Initially puzzled as to the specific aspect of the question, he offered an unreserved response, mentioning the inevitable presence of sex in cricket and the universal human need for it.

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“Final topic, sex in cricket? Is it a factor in the lives of players?,” asked Ranveer.

“Are you asking this in a positive way or a negative way? You’ve asked a very open-ended question. It will happen. Which human being will survive without it? But is it good or bad? Is that your question? Or is your question ‘kitna hota hai (how frequently does it take place)’?,” replied Nayar.

My blud is asking sex questions now😭

— Tanishq (@boom_raaah) June 7, 2024

The 40-year-old elaborated on the diverse perspectives among cricketers regarding the impact of sexual activity on their performance. He highlighted the varying beliefs, with some players viewing abstinence as conducive to enhancing power and focus, while others perceiving no correlation between sexual activity and on-field effectiveness.

Nayar underscored the absence of a universal guideline, emphasising how it is a matter of personal preference. He also acknowledged the pervasive pressure players face, whether on-field through pundit and supporter criticism or off-field via relentless media scrutiny. Consequently, he noted that individuals often resort to sexual activity as a means of alleviating stress amidst such demanding circumstances.

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“It’s normal for anyone to do it. It’s different for everybody. There’s this constant fight and conundrum in every cricketer’s mind. Some people will like it, some will abstain. Some cricketers do believe that their power and focus tend to improve if they don’t have sex, while others follow that and end up concluding that nothing has changed for them. So, this is a very individual thing. There’s no thumb rule. The fact is, at different phases in life, different things work. No one’s desperate, but sometimes there’s so much pressure that you want to chill,” shared Nayar.

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