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What do the selectors think about Mashrafe?

মাশরাফিকে নিয়ে কি ভাবছেন নির্বাচকরা

Former Bangladesh cricket captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza retired from T20 6 years ago. After that, he left the captaincy of one-day cricket. Although he did not officially withdraw from international cricket, he did not get a chance in the national team. Now the selectors are thinking of officially giving this cricketer farewell with respect. If the board agrees, the Bangladesh Cricket Board will give Mashrafe and some other cricketers a chance to retire from the national team.

This time, the selector Abdur Razzak gave hints of this issue, if the approval is received from the board, Mashrafe and some others will be officially given the opportunity to retire. Razzak said, “Cricketers are contributing to the country, so they deserve respect at the end of their careers. However, it is entirely the board’s decision. We have no objection if the board decides to officially bid farewell to cricketers like Mashrafe. It would be great to see the players get a chance to leave the field from the ground. Of course, it is entirely up to the board.”

Razzak also said, “We will respect whatever decision the board takes about those who have not retired yet. Not only in Mashrafe’s case, but we will also take the same decision for everyone. Those who have played in international cricket for a long time, represent the country and have brought honour to the country. So, it is an honour to send them off the field. It is good for every cricketer. If everyone gets a chance to leave the field, the players will also have a memory.”

Chief selector Minhajul Abedin Nannu is happy with Mashrafe’s performance. Referring to Mashrafe as a legendary cricketer, he said in an interview, “Even at this age, Mashrafe is playing great. Legend cricketers always act like legends. Mashrafe is a legendary cricketer for his contribution to the country’s cricket. He is a role model for the youth. In this BPL, he is showing how to perform at this age, and how to maintain fitness. There’s a lot to learn from him. So Mashrafe is an inspirational name for the youngsters.”

Note that Mashrafe was out of the field for 8 months. But even after not getting the ball in hand for a long time, this captain of Sylhet Strikers is showing surprise in BPL. Under his leadership, middle-class Sylhet Strikers have turned into a great team. Fans regret seeing Mashrafe’s performance! If he was still in the national team! At the same time, many people want to give him the opportunity to leave the field at least officially. The matter of retirement, however, depends a lot on Mashrafe.

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