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What did Salman Butt say about the India Pakistan match of the Asia Cup?

Salman Butt

Asia Cup Damama has rung. Only a few more days. After that, the audience will be excited to watch the battle of Asian cricket supremacy. Asia Cup will strat from August 27. India Pakistan high voltage match will be held on 28th.

 Coincidentally, the India-Pakistan cricket match will be held at the Dubai International Stadium, the venue where India lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets in the last Twenty20 World Cup.

 Will the fate of the match be changed? This is what is being discussed in the cricket world. Pakistan’s former star cricketer Salman Butt opened up about this match.

 In the former Pakistani opener’s YouTube channel, he was asked , “Can India win the Asia Cup this time?”

 Butt jokingly replied, “Is India missing any vitamins? Surely they can win this Asia Cup. Any team can win the title. Honestly India is playing well at the moment. They have many players. All have international cricket experience. That’s why they are considered as favourite.”

 Meanwhile, Butt also talked about the possibility of Pakistan winning the Asia Cup under the leadership of Babar Azam. He added, “Everyone knows how formidable Pakistan are on their day. They can beat any team. T20 cricket is a format where a good partnership can change the fortunes of your match.”

 Butt’s voice lamented that Pakistan does not have a huge cricket reserve like India. “We don’t have a rich pipeline like India. So we have to believe in our own system. That’s why we can’t rest cricketers like Babar, Rizwan, Shaheen, Fakhor. Because we don’t have that confidence.”

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