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What are the new rules of the ICC?

What are the new rules of the ICC?

This year’s T20 World Cup will start in a few days. Before that, there have been many changes in twenty-two-yard cricket. Cricket’s supreme governing body, ICC, has now banned spitting completely. ICC has brought a total of 9 new rules including in Run, Catch and Pitch. These new rules are being introduced on the recommendation of Sourav Ganguly-led Cricket Committee.

Sourav told the media in this regard, “This was my first participation in the ICC Cricket Committee. And I was able to bring many changes in the first meeting. This evolution of cricket happened because everyone agreed. “

Let’s see what is there in the new rules of ICC:

  1. New batsman on catch out: From now on the new batsman will be on strike after being caught out. The new batsman will remain on strike even if he changes the end of the run before taking the catch. But if the catch is taken at the last ball of the over the new batsman will go on non-strike. This is the permanent rule from now on.
  1. Mankading Out Legalized: Mankading out is the most controversial out in cricket. However, from now on a non-strike batsman can be dismissed if he leaves the crease. As a result, there is no opportunity to discuss and criticize Mankading from now on. But till now this out was considered as unethical.
  1. New rule of run out: Till now, if the batsman on strike came out in front, the bowler could throw the ball and make run out. From now on it can’t be done. Anything like that will be a dead ball. This rule will be effective from October 1.
  1. Time for new batsman to come on: After a batsman is dismissed in Tests and ODIs, the new batsman will get 2 minutes to come on the field, which was earlier 3 minutes. This time is only 90 seconds in case of T20.
  1. Off-Pitch Dead Ball: If a batsman goes off the pitch while batting, it will be considered a ‘dead ball’. But if a ball forces the batsman to go off the pitch, it will be deemed a ‘no ball’.
  1. Movement while bowling: If a fielder changes position or moves deliberately while bowling, 5 runs will be awarded to the batting team as a penalty. The ball will also be considered a ‘dead ball’.
  1. Calculation of over rate (ODI): If the over cannot be completed within the stipulated time, the rule of keeping an extra fielder within 30 yards was so far only in T20. From World Cup Super League 2023, this rule will also be implemented in ODIs.
  1. Ball spitting: ICC banned ball spitting during Corona period. They made that rule permanent. Bowlers can never use saliva to polish the ball again.
  1. Hybrid pitch: Till now only women’s T20 was played on hybrid pitch. From now on, ICC has allowed the use of hybrid wickets in boys’ cricket as well (white ball only). This hybrid pitch is made from a combination of natural grass and artificial turf.

The rules will be effective from October 1. From now on the players of every team have to follow this rule. Violation of the rules will be punished by the ICC. Sourav Ganguly expects the cricketers to quickly adapt to this new rule.

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