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Top three greatest players who never won a World Cup

Being a World Champion in any sport is not an easy task. Especially in cricket where the history of the championship is too short and was dominated by several teams. Although Everyone is not as lucky or fit as Sachin Tendulkar to participate in six consecutive tournaments and grab the cup in the last one. Today in this article we will discuss some of the greatest players of the game who never won a World Cup.

3. Waqar Younis, Pakistan

Top three greatest players who never won a World Cup

Former Pakistan pacer Waqar Younis was one of the deadliest bowlers of his era. His reverse swing and deadly Yorkers in death overs were near to impossible to hit. His speed and bowling ability led fans to call him ‘The Burewala Express’. However, coming to his World Cup campaign it will be justified to say that he was one of the unluckiest cricketers on this list.

Younis got injured just before the 1992 World Cup and failed to make it into the team. He missed the tournament which Imran Khan-led Pakistan eventually won. Although he was part of the squad which made it into the finals of the 1999 world cup but eventually failed to hold nerves against Australia in the finals.

 2. Jack Kallis, South Africa

Top three greatest players who never won a World Cup

The great South African allrounder Jack Kallis was one of the greatest players of the game. Kallis has been phenomenal throughout his career and there was little that he couldn’t achieve in his career. Kallis is the only second all-rounder in ODI history to take more than 250 wickets and score 10000+ runs.

Kallis has taken 273 wickets and scored over 11,000 runs in ODI cricket, and was the first name on the team sheet for the Proteas year after year. However, he never won the world cup in his career. It’s really unfortunate that despite having a golden generation of such great players, so many of South Africa’s greats were never able to win the competition’s top honor.

 1. Sourav Ganguly, India

Top three greatest players who never won a World Cup

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly was one of the most unfortunate players in Indian cricket who failed to get his hand on that golden trophy. Ganguly represented India in three World Cups between 1999-2007 and led India to the final in 2003. In the finals again like Pakistan India failed to hold nerves against the Mighty Aussies. However, when it all came for India in 2011 Ganguly was not there and India missed to award their one of the most outspoken and aggressive captains.

Although Ganguly has an outstanding record in World Cup as he has scored more than 1000 runs in 22 matches at an average of 55.88. Ganguly later became the president of the Indian Cricket Board. During his tenure, India made it into the knockouts of the three major tournaments and failed at critical moments.

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