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Rohit Sharma, while eating at the restaurant, crowded by fans

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

This is the irony of fame. A star but will not fall into the irony of his fame is not possible. India’s captain Rohit Sharma once again got in the way of fans’ love for his stardom.

Rohit went to eat at a restaurant in Mumbai. When he was going out after eating, there created a problem. When the news spread, that Rohit had come to eat at the restaurant, immediately thousands of people appeared outside the restaurant. Rohit could not leave the restaurant due to the crowd of fans.

Rohit is one of the biggest names in Indian cricket these days. His popularity and number of fans are not less. So, even if there was no opportunity to catch the favorite cricketer, take pictures or talk, at least the fans present in front of the restaurant didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see it up close.

Rohit is a boy from Mumbai. He also played in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for Mumbai Indians. Because of that, Rohit’s presence will be crowded with fans, it is conceivable. After seeing Rohit like this, many fans immediately came to take pictures with their favorite star. However, those fans who are attracted by love become the irony of fame for Rohit.

The number of people present in front of the restaurant was so huge that Rohit’s personal guards were confused about the security arrangements. After coming out of the restaurant, Rohit went inside again.

It should be noted that the Indian captain is currently spending free time after resting from the Zimbabwe tour. Basically, he is preparing for the Asia Cup. After Rohit took full charge of the Indian team, India has not lost any Twenty20 series so far. This time India is dreaming of winning the Asia Cup under the leadership of Rohit.

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