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India – Australia 3rd Test venue changed

ভারত - অস্ট্রেলিয়ার তৃতীয় টেস্টের ভেন্যু পরিবর্তন

The venue for the third Test of the high voltage Test series between India and Australia was shifted to Dharamshala. The third Test was scheduled to be played at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamshala next March. But this stadium is not yet ready to play five Test matches. Due to this the venue has been changed. But the location of the new platform is not yet known.

According to the famous cricket website ESPN Cricinfo, an inspection panel of the board went to Dharamshala and found the ground not fully ready to play Test matches there. And BCCI changed the venue from Dharamshala after their negative report. Meanwhile, Indore and Rajkot are in the running as the new venues for playing this Test match. And the name of the new platform will be announced soon.

The inspection team of the board inspected the field last Saturday. And they could not be satisfied by visiting there. The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association, the authority at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, revised the drainage system of the ground. It found problems in several places in the outfield. Grassless is also seen in several places of the field. Last year there wasareastch after February. Then India – Australia faced each other in the T20 competition.

A new pitch and outfield were constructed at the Dharamshala grounds. And then, the field was not adequately tested. In this regard, a board official said, field testing is not a big issue. Because the pitch still has a little bit of work to do. So, it is not possible to play a Test match here now.

It is to be noted that the last Test match of this Boarder-Gavaskar Trophy between India and Australia in Dharamsala was held in 2017. That time India won the trophy by defeating Australia. This time again, they are desperate to win the series against Australia. Even so, Team India is leading by 1-0 after winning the first Test against Australia. And it is extra oxygen for them.

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