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England coming late cancelling the warm-up match for the Bangladesh tour

বাংলাদেশ সফরে প্রস্তুতি ম্যাচ বাতিল করে দেরিতে আসছে ইংল্যান্ড

England will play a series against Bangladesh next March. Before the start of the series, England was scheduled to play two warm-up matches against Bangladesh. But the English will not play that preparation match. The matter has been informed by the England Cricket Board. And as they cancelled this preparatory match, they are also delaying their visit to Bangladesh.

The England team was supposed to arrive in Bangladesh on February 20. The series was preceded by two warm-up matches on February 24 and 26. But these two matches are not happening. That’s why the England team is also late. But not for long. So even though England is supposed to arrive on February 20, the English will arrive on February 24. This has been informed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

The venues for the England series against Bangladesh are Dhaka and Chittagong. However, many questions are being raised as to why no venue has been kept in Sylhet. When reporters asked the chief executive of the board Nizamuddin about this, he said that England’s tour of Bangladesh came late and there was no preparation match. According to Nizamuddin, two warm-up matches of the England series against Bangladesh were to be played in Sylhet. But since this match was cancelled, no more matches are going to be held in Sylhet.

He also said, “If the series is at home, we have some plans. We decide on the venue after discussing it in the board meeting. We had a plan for the warm-up matches in the England series. We kept Sylhet as the venue for the warm-up matches. There is no more match in Sylhet due to not wanting to play the preparation match. Nizamuddin also said, “England team wants to enter the field directly without playing the preparation match. According to their own plans, the tour will be limited to official matches only. We have now changed the plan, so we have proceeded that way.”

Team England is coming to Bangladesh four days late due to not playing the preparation match. BCB Cricket Operations Committee Deputy Manager informed this. He said, “The cricketers are going through a very busy cricket schedule. England cannot come on the 20th due to the busyness of the players in their own game in franchise cricket. So, they changed their plans and will come on February 24. They skipped the warm-up matches as there were only 4 days left before the start of the ODI series.”

It is to be noted that the series will start on March 1. The two teams will face each other in a two-match ODI and a three-match T20I. The first ODI will be held on March 1, the second ODI on March 6 and the first T20 on March 9. The remaining two matches will be held on March 12 and 14 respectively.

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