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Clarke beat up by her lover on charges of extra marital affair

পরকীয়ার অভিযোগে প্রেমিকার হাতে মার খেলেন ক্লার্ক

While spending a holiday with his family, Michael Clarke, the former captain of Australia, faced an unexpected incident in public at the hands of his girlfriend. He was publicly beaten by his lover on charges of adultery. After the video of this incident was shared on social media, it went viral within moments. Since then, this former cricketer of Team Australia has been in discussion.

The person seen in the recent viral video on social media is claimed to be former Australia captain Michael Clarke. In the video, Clarke is seen trying to convince his girlfriend. But his lover, Jade Yarbrough, refuses to accept anything. Zed slaps Clarke about his infidelity in public. After that, Clarke was embarrassed. Then the video spread on social media.

Clarke’s former lover was Pip Edwards. But they got separated in 2021. And then he got into a relationship with Jade. Jade was seen slapping Clarke with accusations of infidelity with his ex-girlfriend and saying, “You got intimate with her (ex-girlfriend) on December 17th. You’ve done it with her countless times.” But Clarke tries to convince their current girlfriend Jade. He was heard saying, “Baby you’re wrong. You’re wrong.”

Not only that, but Clarke also gets into trouble with his current girlfriend’s brother. Clarke, current girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, Yarbrough’s sister Jasmine and Yarbrough’s brother Stefanovic went on holiday to Queensland. And everyone sat and ate in the restaurant near the sea at night. And at that time, Jade accused Clarke of having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. But Clarke denied that. After that, the incident of mayhem happened.

The incident then went beyond the control of the two. The two started arguing. Jade also claims that Yarbrough’s brother Stefanovich has all the evidence. But Clarke became agitated and continued to abuse in an inaudible language. Clarke started a fight when Stefanovic tried to calm him down. He kept slapping, killing and punching Stefanovic. When such an incident happens in public, people come to deal with the situation. And as soon as this incident was caught on camera, it became viral within moments.

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