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Asia Cup not being held in Pakistan because of India’s demand

ভারতের চাওয়াতে পাকিস্তানে হচ্ছে না এশিয়া কাপ

At the end of last year, it was known that the next edition of the Asia Cup is going to be held in Pakistan. Since then, the war of words between India and Pakistan began. Just as India threatened not to play the Asia Cup on Pakistan soil, Pakistan also threatened to not play the ODI World Cup on Indian soil. But now that problem is going to be solved. Asia Cup is not being held in Pakistan. In the end, Indian cricket diplomacy won. There is discussion and criticism about the matter in the cricket world.

The cricket boards of India and Pakistan have been fighting each other for a long time about India playing in Pakistan in the Asia Cup. Finally, ending all speculations, Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) Secretary Jai Shah and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Najam Sethi sat in a meeting to settle this diplomatic issue between the two countries. Cricket fans were eagerly waiting for that meeting. Everyone was curious, what decision comes from the two rival countries. India finally won the diplomatic game in that meeting. They have succeeded in deciding not to play in Pakistan.

However, Pakistan is also going to walk on their way to gain. There is some financial tension in the treasury of PCB. In such a situation, if a global tournament like Asia Cup is organized, the PCB will face huge expenses. But if the tournament is held in foreign soil, they can earn money on the contrary. That is why Sethi agreed to host the Asia Cup at a neutral venue.

After the meeting between Joy and Sethi, a BCCI official said, “Constructive discussions have been held in the presence of all countries. Indian cricketers will not go to play in Pakistan. And if they do not play, the sponsors will also lose interest. That is why Pakistan has also withdrawn from their insistence. They are not unsatisfied in organizing the Asia Cup next March. The name of the host country will be announced later.”

Meanwhile, if not in Pakistan, the best venue to host the Asia Cup could be the UAE. The country is also on the preference list of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and other officials. However, the last edition of this continental tournament was also organized by the United Arab Emirates. In the T20 format, the title was taken home by a youthful Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, many people are looking at India’s influence in the world of cricket as India’s demand survived to the end.

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